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October 28, 2020

Anthony C. Robinson, Associate Professor of Geography and Director of Online Geospatial Education Programs, Penn State University, presented his talk "Visualizing the Presence of Absence and Viral Maps" on Nov 21st as part of the VUE Speaker Series.

At this lecture, sponsored by the Visualization for Understanding and Exploration Project (a partnership between the Neubauer Collegium and the Research Computing Center in the Office of Research and National Laboratories at the University of Chicago), geovisualization expert Anthony Robinson presented two examples that highlighted the potential for cartographic design approaches to advance ongoing work in spatial data science. In the first example, he described the challenges presented by missing data and the need to develop geovisualizations that help reveal the presence of absence. Next, he showed how attempts to analyze maps and disinformation in viral social media is made possible by bringing together computational and cartographic approaches. The talk concluded with proposals for new research that grows from these experiments at the edges of contemporary cartographic science.