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It is my privilege to serve as the associate vice president for research computing and as the director of the Research Computing Center (RCC). Since joining the University of Chicago in 2012, I have had many opportunities to meet with faculty members and researchers. These interactions have provided me with opportunities to learn and reflect on the University’s research computing needs.

Research computing is evolving at a fast pace due to technological advances as well as increasingly refined software development tools. Accordingly, using and developing computing applications has become a necessary component of performing cutting-edge research in nearly all scholarly disciplines. The RCC was created to provide a centrally managed access point for supporting research computing. The vision of RCC is to enable research and scholarship by providing access to high-end computing, storage, and visualization resources. In its short history, we have provided technical user support, consulting, and training to numerous research groups at the University of Chicago and its affiliates, and we are deploying advanced technologies to enable research discoveries and innovations. RCC aims to be a partner for research at the University and we are continuing to grow as a central component of UChicago’s research development in the coming years.

As computing continues to play a critical role in research, I strongly believe it will have a profound and transformative effect on all disciplines and divisions on campus. I am proud of the work we have already done, and excited for the future of this enterprise. As we continue to enhance the University of Chicago's research capabilities, your continued feedback is very important. I am grateful for all the people who welcomed me to the University and who work with me today. My team and I look forward to providing you with first-class research computation today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Hakizumwami Birali Runesha