The Research Computing Center conducts workshops on a variety of topics relevant to research computing. Past workshop topics have included introductory and advanced seminars on programming languages; data management tools and best practices; and sessions focused on using Midway and other RCC resources. Most workshops are held in RCC's Data Visualization Lab in the Kathleen A. Zar Room in the Crerar Library and are generally structured as a brief lecture followed by a hands-on session.

In addition to workshops lead by RCC staff, the Research Computing Center routinely invites industry experts and hardware and software vendors to teach courses focused on specific systems.

A note about experience levels

RCC communicates the expertise needed to get the most out of a workshop by labeling it with an experience level. An Introductory level workshop presupposes little or no familiarity with the topic at hand. An Intermediate level workshop requires some degree of familiarity with the methods being used. An Advanced level workshop is for users who are already fluent with the methods and tools involved.

Each workshop's description includes the workshop's experience level (Click on course title for details). If you are unsure whether a given workshop will be taught at too advanced or too basic a level for you, feel free to contact the instructor directly.

Current workshops

2018 RCC Summer Workshop Series





Introduction to the Research Computing Center

July 10



Introduction to R for Data Analysis

July 17



Introduction to Python Programming in Data Science

July 24



Intro to Quantum GIS (QGIS)

July 31



Introduction to Feature Extraction Techniques

Aug 7



Navigating the HathiTrust Repositories

Aug 14



Sequence models with Recurrent Neural Networks

Aug 21



Other workshops offered in past years

  • 3D Visualization Day: Amira and Avizo
  • Advanced Tutorial on Stata
  • Analysis of Genetic Data, Part 1
  • Analysis of Genetic Data, Part 2
  • Big-Data movement made easy: An Introduction to Globus-Online (CI - RCC)
  • Computational Quantum Chemistry at the RCC
  • Computational Tools for Bio/Chemists
  • COMSOL 5.0 & Application Builder Workshop
  • Data Visualization Strategies and Digital Cartography (D3)
  • Debugging and Optimization on Midway with Allinea's DDT Parallel Debugger
  • Designing Interactive Data Visualizations (D3/Javascript)
  • Dissecting LAMMPS: An Open Development Environment for Particle Systems Simulation
  • GPU Accelerations in MD Simulations and QM Calculations
  • GPU Computing with NVIDIA
  • GPU-CUDA Programming
  • Hands-on Parallel Programming with OpenMP
  • HPC for Molecular Engineering
  • Image Analysis in Python
  • Intel Software for High-Performance Parallel Applications
  • Intel Software Tools: Compilers, Libraries, and Parallelism
  • Interactive Visualization with iPython and Jupyter Notebook
  • Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Introduction to GPU Computing with CUDA
  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Introduction to Midway2
  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to R: the Power of the Data Frame
  • Introduction to Stata
  • Introduction to the Digital Humanities
  • Introduction to the Research Computing Center
  • Introduction to Unix at the Research Computing Center
  • Job Scheduling on Midway
  • MATLAB Optimization
  • MPI + OpenMP: A Hybrid Scheme of Parallel Programming and Computing
  • Parallel Computing with MATLAB
  • Parallel Programming and Optimization for Intel Architecture
  • Parallel Programming Using MPI
  • Practical Introduction to Midway
  • Programming with SWIFT Scripts
  • Project Management Tools at RCC
  • Python for HPC
  • Research Data Management Resources at UChicago
  • Running and Optimizing Your Code on Midway
  • Speed Up Your Python
  • Stata: Data Management, Analysis, and Graphic Fundamentals
  • Text Analysis and Visualization Strategies for Digital Humanists
  • Understanding Image Segmentation
  • VSCSE Data Intensive Summer School