The Research Computing Center has hosted Show and Tell: Visualizing the Life of the Mind, a speaker series focusing on the practical application, art, and science of visualization in research and scholarship. Speakers have used visualization for many purposes, with previous topics including creating effective scientific graphics, images, and figures; advancing novel human-computer interfaces to create digital art; visualizing and measuring social data in text; use of advanced optical techniques in fluid physics; and virtual studies of musculoskeletal form and function. The series features speakers from the University of Chicago as well as from other institutions domestic and international.

RCC has also hosted Collaborations in Computation, a series that brings speakers from Argonne National Laboratory to campus to highlight the partnerships between UChicago and the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility.

See our calendar for upcoming speaker series events.

All RCC speaker series events are open to the public.

Past Events:


  • Ways of seeing data: A survey of fields of visualization
    • Gordon Kindlmann
  • Art and Data: Necessary Ambiguity
    • Jason Salavon


  • Visual Fine Motor Movements in Sign Language
    • Diane Brentari
  • Visual Salience: Insights and Exploration for Scientific Data
    • Amitabh Varshney
  • Global Cyber Commons: Supporting Global Collaboration Research, Developments and Education using Cyber-infrastructure-Enhanced Environments
    • Jason Leigh
  • Make Me Look!
    • Felice Frankel
  • Visualizing Fossils: Looking inside and Making Them Move
    • Paul Sereno
  • Spatio-Temporal Spike Patterning in Motor Cortex
    • Nicholas Hatsopoulos


  • Interactive Visual Computing for science, Engineering, and Art
    • Daniel Keefe
  • Visualizing and Measuring Social Data in Text
    • Matt Taddy
  • Visualizing Fine Motor Movements in Sign Language
    • Diane Brentari
  • Unraveling Knotted Vortices
    • William Irvine
  • Virtual Anatomies: Computers and Musculoskeletal Form and Function
    • Paul O'Higgins
  • Diffusion MRI of Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Michael Vannier
  • Visualization of High-Dimensional Data and the Paper of the Future
    • Alyssa Goodman