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Service units (SU), sometimes called a “CPU-core hour,” is the processing that a processor core performs in one hour. It reflects the computation capability of the high-performance computing (HPC) systems and is used as the “virtual currency” for accounting the allocations of computing resources that users can use and the usage of their jobs. The Research Computing Center (RCC) uses SUs to manage the CPU processing consumptions for all group accounts and users on its shared HPC system.

On many computer systems, the term “account” is the collection of the resources and information of an individual user, while the term “group” means a collection of user accounts. However, at the RCC, the term “user” is defined as the general individual user, while the term “account” means the collection of HPC resources used by a group of users. All RCC accounting and resource (i.e., SUs and storage space) management are based on (group) accounts.

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