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This form is used to submit Research I allocation applications for use on the Midway Compute Cluster.

Allocations of up to 50,000 service units (SUs) are available as a Research I allocation, and are provided within 1 week of request. SU allocation limits for RCC Cluster Partners are double the normal allocation limits for Research I allocations (100,000 SUs). All allocations include access to high-performance scratch storage. Persistent storage for the duration of the allocation is limited to 500 GB. Needs that exceed these compute and storage limitations may be accommodated by a Research II allocation or by the Cluster Partnership Program.

You must have a valid RCC PI account to request a Research allocation, and the submitted proposal must contain the following information:

  • A summary of the research goals and the potential impact.
  • If applicable, a description of past work you’ve completed at the RCC.
  • A description of results and publications stemming from any previous RCC allocations and any supplemental materials (images, videos, etc.) that you have created since your last allocation request to the RCC.
  • An estimate of the RCC resources that will be needed, which includes estimates of the number of nodes/cores, SUs, memory, and storage requirements. If applicable, a PI should indicate whether they anticipate the use of special resources such as GPU nodes or large-memory nodes. Justification based on actual performance and scaling data is preferred but not required. The proposal should demonstrate the ability to efficiently use the requested resources to accomplish the stated research goals.
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