The Research Computing Center maintains data visualization resources that are available to all RCC users. These resources include high-end 3D graphics processing and display hardware, commercial and open-source data visualization software, and custom remote visualization tools for in-situ visualization of data stored on RCC's compute cluster. Additionally, RCC computational scientists are available to consult with users to develop effective data visualizations and customized data visualization tools.

Data Visualization Lab

The RCC Data Visualization Laboratory is located in the Kathleen A. Zar Room in the John Crerar Library and is available for use by all RCC users. The Data Visualization Lab is outfitted with a high-performance visualization workstation equipped with an Nvidia Quadro 5000 GPU and a high-performance 6 TB locally attached disk array. The visualization workstation is coupled with a ProjectionDesign F35 AS3D active stereoscopic projector which provides a 2.3 MPixel active-3D display.

In addition to the visualization hardware and local storage in the lab, the workstation is connected to the RCC compute cluster and storage system, providing straightforward access to research data and introducing the possibility of interactive supercomputing.

For more information or to reserve the Data Visualization Lab, please contact RCC.

Remote Visualization

RCC has developed a remote visualization tool called Sviz that allows users to run graphics-intensive applications remotely. Visualization software can be run on the Midway compute cluster with all graphical output sent to a the user’s local machine. Through Sviz, a user can directly visualize data stored on Midway without having to transfer the data to a local visualization workstation. The Sviz server runs on Midway’s high-performance GPU-equipped compute nodes, making it possible to run high-end visualization software regardless of local hardware capabilities.

Sviz can be used by all users with an RCC account. For more information on how to use Sviz, see the Remote Visualization section of the user guide.

Visualization Consulting Services

RCC computational scientists are available to consult with users to develop data visualizations, provide training on visualization software, and develop customized data-visualization tools. To inquire about visualization consulting services, please contact RCC.