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The Faculty Education Advisory Committee, which reviews the RCC’s education services and programs, monitors the impact of the RCC non-credit courses and training activities; contributes to providing an assessment of the present needs.

It is chaired by Erin J. Adams, Vice Provost for Research and Senior Research Officer, Office of Research Joseph Regenstein Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Director, CASEThe committee also includes:

Matthew Stephens, Professor, Departments of Statistics, Human Genetics, and the College

Andrew Ferguson, Associate Professor, Molecular Engineering

Gregory Voth, Haig P. Papazian Distinguished Service Professor in Chemistry

Ming Xiang, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics

Luc Anselin, Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology and the College

Anne Rogers, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

H. Birali Runesha, Assistant Vice President and Director of the Research Computing Center