RCC's resources and staff support a number of faculty projects that have resulted in published academic papers. See below for a list of papers acknowledging the RCC for providing computational resources, support, and services.

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Uniform Inference for High-Dimensional Quantile Regression: Linear Functionals and Regression Rank Scores
J. Bradic and M. Kolar

Comparative Study of the Collective Dynamics of Proteins and Inorganic Nanoparticles
E.J. Haddadian, H. Zhang, K.F. Freed, and J.F. Douglas

Glacial Ocean Circulation and Stratification Explained by Reduced Atmospheric Temperature
M.F. Jansen

Highly Coarse-Grained Representations of Transmembrane Proteins
J.J. Madsen, A.V. Sinitskiy, J.Li, and G.A. Voth

Kepler-108: A Mutually Inclined Giant Planet System
S.M. Mills and D.C. Fabrycky

Karp: Accurate and Fast Taxonomic Classification Using Pseudoalignment
M. Reppell and J. Novembre

Encoding of Both Reaching and Grasping Kinematics in Dorsal and Ventral Premotor Cortices
K. Takahashi, M.D. Best, N. Huh, K.A. Brown, A.A. Tobaa, and N.G. Hatsopoulos.

Communication: Improved Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics by Minimally Biasing with Experimental Data
A.D. White, C.Knight, G.M. Hocky, and G.A. Voth

Stable Colloids in Molten Inorganic Salts
H. Zhang, K.Dasbiswas, N.B. Ludwig, G. Han, B. Lee, S. Vaikuntanathan, and D. V. Talapin

Balancing Performance and Lifetime of Mlc Pcm by Using a Regionretention Monitor
M.Z. Zhang, L.K. Zhang, L. Jiang, Z.Y. Liu, and F.T. Chong



Directed Evolution of RebH for Catalyst-Controlled Halogenation of Indole C-H bonds    
M.C. Andorfer, H.J. Park, J. Vergara-Coll, and J.C. Lewis

Primary Motor and Sensory Cortical Areas Communicate via Spatiotemporally Coordinated Networks at Multiple Frequencies
F.I. Arce-McShane, C.F. Ross, K. Takahashi, B.J. Sessle, and N.G. Hatsopoulos

The Origin and Evolution of LIGO's First Gravitational-Wave Source
K. Belczynski, D.E. Holz, T. Bulik, and R. O'Shaughnessy

Is The Gamma-Ray Source 3FGL J2212.5+0703 a Dark Matter Subhalo?
B. Bertoni, D. Hooper, and T. Linden

Spatio-Temporal Patterning in Primary Motor Cortex at Movement Onset
M.D. Best, A.J. Suminski, K. Takahashi, K.A. Brown, and N.G. Hatsopoulos

Observation of the Pressure Effect in Simulations of Droplets Splashing on a Dry Surface    
A. Boelens, A. Latka, and J. de Pablo

A New N-Acyl Homoserine Lactone Synthase in an Uncultured Symbiont of the Red Sea Sponge Theonella swinhowei
M. Britstein, G. Devescovi, K.M. Handley, A. Malik, M. Haber, K. Saurav, R. Teta, V. Costantino, I. Burgsdorf, and J.A. Gilbert

Improved Cosmic-Ray Injection Models and the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
E. Carlson, T. Linden, and S. Profumo

Changes in Spatio-temporal Precipitation Patterns in Changing Climate Conditions
W. Chang, M. Stein, J. Wang, V.R. Kotamarthi, and E. Moyer

A Multiple Time-Step Dual-Hamiltonian Hybrid Molecular Dynamics-Monte Carlo Canonical Propagation Algorithm
Y. Chen, S. Kale, J. Weare, A.R. Dinner, and B. Roux

Search for Kilonovae in Dark Energy Survey Supernova Fields
Z. Doctor

Multi-model Cross Pollination in Time
H. Du and L.A. Smith

Convergence of Economic Growth and the Great Recession as Seen From a Celestial Observatory    
E. Duede and V. Zhorin

Disturbance Regimes Predictably Alter Diversity in an Ecologically Complex Bacterial System
S.M. Gibbons, M. Scholz, A.L. Hutchison, A.R. Dinner, J.A. Gilbert, and M.L. Coleman

Cosmic Reionization on Computers: Numerical and Physical Convergence
N.Y. Gnedin

Cosmic Reionization on Computers: The Faint End of the Galaxy Luminosity Function
N.Y. Gnedin

On the Proper Use of the Reduced Speed of Light Approximation
N.Y. Gnedin

The Turbulent Circulation of a Snowball Earth Ocean
M.F. Jansen

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Awareness and Use in a Population-based Sample of Young Black Men Who Have Sex with Men
A.S. Khanna, S. Michaels, B. Skaathun, E. Morgan, K. Green, L. Young, and J.A. Schneider

Computationally Efficient Multiscale Reactive Molecular Dynamics to Describe Amino Acid Deprotonation in Proteins
S. Lee, R. Liang, G.A. Voth, and J.M. Swanson

The Origin of Coupled Chloride and Proton Transport in a Cl(–)/H(+) Antiporter
S. Lee, H.B. Mayes, J.M. Swanson, and G.A. Voth

Multiscale Simulations Reveal Key Aspects of the Proton Transport Mechanism in the ClC-ec1 Antiporter
S. Lee, J.M. Swanson, and G.A. Voth

The Composition of the Microbiota Modulates Allograft Rejection
​Y.M. Lei, et al.

The F-actin Bundler ?-actinin Ain1 is Tailored for Ring Assembly and Constriction during Cytokinesis in Fission Yeast
Y. Li, J.R. Christensen, K.E. Homa, G.M. Hocky, A. Fok, J.A. Sees, G.A. Voth, and D.R. Kovar

Multiscale Simulations Reveal Key Features of the Proton Pumping Mechanism in Cytochrome c Oxidase
R. Liang, J.M. Swanson, Y. Peng, M. Wikstrom, and G. Voth

The High-Energy Tail of the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
T. Linden, N.L. Rodd, B.R. Safdi, and T.R. Slatyer

Workflow Performance Improvement Using Model-Based Scheduling over Multiple Clusters and Clouds
K. Maheshwari, E.-S. Jung, J. Meng, V. Morozov, V. Vishwanath, and R. Kettimuthu

Differential and Enhanced Response to Climate Forcing in Diarrheal Disease Due to Rotavirus across a Megacity of the Developing World
P.P. Martinez, A.A. King, M. Yunus, A.S.G. Faruque, and M. Pascua

Comparing Offline Decoding Performance in Physiologically Defined Neuronal Classes
D.B. Matthew, T. Kazutaka, J.S. Aaron, E. Christian, E.M. Lee, and G.H. Nicholas

Spatial Scale Drives Patterns in Soil Bacterial Diversity
S.L. O'Brien, S.M. Gibbons, S.M. Owens, J. Hampton-Marcell, E.R. Johnston, J.D. Jastrow, J.A. Gilbert, F. Meyer, and D.A. Antonopoulos

Temperatures in Transient Climates: Improved Methods for Simulations with Evolving Temporal Covariances
A. Poppick, D.J. McInerney, E.J. Moyer, and M.L. Stein

A Theory of Interactions between Polarizable Dielectric Spheres
J. Qin, J. Li, V. Lee, H. Jaeger, J.J. de Pablo, and K.F. Freed

Optimal Prediction in the Retina and Natural Motion Statistics
J.M. Salisbury and S.E. Palmer

Design of Defect Spins in Piezoelectric Aluminum Nitride for Solid-State Hybrid Quantum Technologies
H. Seo, M. Govoni, and G. Galli

Quantum Decoherence Dynamics of Divacancy Spins in Silicon Carbide
H. Seo, A.L. Falk, P.V. Klimov, K.C. Miao, G. Galli, and D.D. Awschalom

Necessity of Capillary Modes in a Minimal Model of Nanoscale Hydrophobic Solvation
S. Vaikuntanathan, G. Rotskoff, A. Hudson, and P.L. Geissler

A Technique for Detection of PeV Neutrinos Using a Phased Radio Array
A. Vieregg, K. Bechtol, and A. Romero-Wolf

Explaining the Geographic Origins of Seasonal Influenza A (H3N2)
F. Wen, T. Bedford, and S. Cobey

Crystal Structure of Zwitterionic 2-[bis (2-methoxyphenyl) Phosphaniumyl]-4-methylbenzenesulfonate Monohydrate Dichloromethane Monosolvate
H. Zhang, G. Feng, A.S. Filatov, and R.F. Jordan

Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Asymmetric Flow in Nematic Liquid Crystals with Finite Anchoring
R. Zhang, T. Roberts, I.S. Aranson, and J.J. de Pablo

Dynamic Structure of Active Nematic Shells
Rui Zhang, Ye Zhou, Mohammad Rahimi, and Juan J. de Pablo

Bayesian Large-scale Multiple Regression with Summary Statistics from Genome-Wide Association Studies
X. Zhu and M. Stephens



On the Interplay between Star Formation and Feedback in Galaxy Formation Simulations    
O. Agertz and A.V. Kravtsov 

Principal Component Estimation of a Large Covariance Matrix with High-Frequency Data    
Y. A•t-Sahalia and D. Xiu

Globus Platform-as-a-service for Collaborative Science Applications
R. Ananthakrishnan, K. Chard, I. Foster, and S. Tuecke

The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Pilot Analysis: Multitissue Gene Regulation in Humans
K.G. Ardlie et al.

Theoretically Informed Monte Carlo Simulation of Liquid Crystals by Sampling of Alignment-Tensor Fields
J.C. Armas-Perez, A. Londono-Hurtado, O. Guzman, J.P. Hernandez-Ortiz, and J.J de Pablo

Type I Planet Migration in a Magnetized Disk. II. Effect of Vertical Angular Momentum Transport    
A. Bans, A. Konigl, and A. Uribe

ROCKET: Robust Confidence Intervals via Kendall's Tau for Transelliptical Graphical Models
R.F. Barber and M. Kolar

Eight New Milky Way Companions Discovered in First-year Dark Energy Survey Data
K. Bechtol et al.

Cosmic Shear Measurements with DES Science Verification Data
M. Becker et al.

Role of Presolvation and Anharmonicity in Aqueous Phase Hydrated Proton Solvation and Transport
R. Biswas, Y.-L. S. Tse, A. Tokmakoff, and G.A. Voth

A New Reduction of the Blanco Cosmology Survey: An Optically Selected Galaxy Cluster Catalog and a Public Release of Optical Data Products
L. Bleem, B. Stalder, M. Brodwin, M. Busha, M. Gladders, F. High, A. Rest, and R. Wechsler

Graphoepitaxial Assembly of Cylinder Forming Block Copolymers in Cylindrical Holes
Brandon L. Peters, Mark Somervell, Takeo Nakano, Gerard Schmid, and Juan J. de Pablo

Lifestyle Evolution in Cyanobacterial Symbionts of Sponges
I. Burgsdorf, B.M. Slaby, K.M. Handley, M. Haber, J. Blom, C.W. Marshall, J.A. Gilbert, U. Hentschel, and L. Steindler

Hydrated Proton Structure and Diffusion at Platinum Surfaces
Z. Cao, R. Kumar, Y. Peng, and G.A. Voth

Ion Transport through Ultrathin Electrolyte under Applied Voltages
Z. Cao, Y. Peng, and G.A. Voth

The Multiscale Coarse-Graining Method. XI. Accurate Interactions Based on the Centers of Charge of Coarse-Grained Sites
Z. Cao and G.A. Voth

Hydroxide Solvation and Transport in Anion Exchange Membranes
C. Chen, Y.-L.S. Tse, G.E. Lindberg, C. Knight, and G.A. Voth

Versioned Distributed Arrays for Resilience in Scientific Applications: Global View Resilience
A. Chien, P. Balaji, P. Beckman, N. Dun, A. Fang, H. Fujita, K. Iskra, Z. Rubenstein, Z. Zheng, and R. Schreiber

Fibrillar Dimer Formation of Islet Amyloid Polypeptides
C.-c. Chiu and J.J. de Pablo

The Galactic Center GeV Excess from a Series of Leptonic Cosmic-ray Outbursts
I. Cholis, C. Evoli, F. Calore, T. Linden, C. Weniger, and D. Hooper

Towards Anatomic Scale Agent-Based Modeling with a Massively Parallel Spatially Explicit General-Purpose Model of Enteric Tissue (SEGMEnT_HPC)
R.C. Cockrell, S. Christley, E. Chang, and G. An

Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering Detection with a CsI [Na] Scintillator at the SNS Spallation Source
J. Collar, N. Fields, M. Hai, T. Hossbach, J. Orrell, C. Overman, G. Perumpilly, B. Scholz

What Drives Home Market Advantage?
A.K. Cosar, P.L. Grieco, S. Li, and F. Tintelnot

Tunable Molecular Orientation and Elevated Thermal Stability of Vapor-deposited Organic Semiconductors
S.S. Dalal, D.M. Walters, I. Lyubimov, J.J. de Pablo, and M.D. Ediger

Exploring Valleys without Climbing Every Peak: More Efficient and Forgiving Metabasin Metadynamics via Robust On-the-Fly Bias Domain Restriction
J.F. Dama, G.M. Hocky, R. Sun, and G.A. Voth

A Universal Model for Halo Concentrations
B. Diemer and A.V. Kravtsov

Eight Ultra-faint Galaxy Candidates Discovered in Year Two of the Dark Energy Survey
A. Drlica-Wagner et al.

Data Decomposition in Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Simulations Using Global View Arrays
N. Dun, H. Fujita, J.R. Tramm, A.A. Chien, and A.R. Siegel

The AgMIP GRIDded Crop Modeling Initiative (AgGRID) and the Global Gridded Crop Model Intercomparison (GGCMI)
J. Elliott and C. Muller

Many Resident Task Computing in Support of Dynamic Ensemble Computations    
J. Ozik, N.T. Collier, and J.M. Wozniak

The High-Frequency Trading Arms Race: Frequent Batch Auctions as a Market Design Response
Eric Budish and John Shim

Uncertainties in Scaling-Up Crop Models for Large-Area Climate Change Impact Assessments
F. Ewert et al.

Incorporating Global Industrial Classification Standard into Portfolio Allocation: A Simple Factor-based Large Covariance Matrix Estimator with High Frequency Data
J. Fan, A. Furger, and D. Xiu

High-energy Neutrino Signatures of Newborn Pulsars in the Local Universe
K. Fang

Anisotropy of the Extragalactic Radio Background from Dark Matter Annihilation
K. Fang and T. Linden

Cluster Mergers and the Origin of the ARCADE-2 Excess
K. Fang and T. Linden

Phenotypic Variation in Overwinter Environmental Transmission of a Baculovirus and the Cost of Virulence
A.E. Fleming-Davies and G. Dwyer

Effects of Host Heterogeneity on Pathogen Diversity and Evolution
A.E. Fleming-Davies, V. Dukic, V. Andreasen, and G. Dwyer

A Conserved Bicycle Model for Circadian Clock Control of Membrane Excitability
M. Flourakis et al.

An Analysis of Biomolecular Force Fields for Simulations of Polyglutamine in Solution
A.M. Fluitt and J.J. de Pablo

A Framework for the Cross-Sectoral Integration of Multi-Model Impact Projections: Land Use Decisions under Climate Impacts Uncertainties
K. Frieler et al.

Optimal Variable Selection in Multi-Group Sparse Discriminant Analysis
I. Gaynanova and M. Kolar

Ecological Succession and Viability of Human-Associated Microbiota on Restroom Surfaces
S.M. Gibbons, T. Schwartz, J. Fouquier, M. Mitchell, N. Sangwan, J.A. Gilbert, and S.T. Kelley

CEO Personality and Firm Policies
I. Gow., S.N. Kaplan, D.F. Larcker, and A.A. Zakolyukina
Speeding Up Neighborhood Search in Local Gaussian Process Prediction    
R.B. Gramacy and B. Haaland

Coarse-Grained Ions for Nucleic Acid Modeling
D.M. Hinckley and J.J. de Pablo

A Molecular View of the Role of Chirality in Charge-Driven Polypeptide Complexation
K.Q. Hoffmann, S.L. Perry, L. Leon, D. Priftis, M. Tirrell, and J.J. de Pablo

Molecular Pathways for Defect Annihilation in Directed Self-Assembly
S.M. Hur, V. Thapar, A. Ramirez-Hernandez, G. Khaira, T. Segal-Peretz, P.A. Rincon-Delgadillo, W. Li, M. Muller, P.F. Nealey, and J.J. de Pablo

Velocity and Mass Bias in the Distribution of Dark Matter Haloes
E. Jennings, C.M. Baugh, and D. Hatt

Non-linear Stochastic Growth Rates and Redshift Space Distortions
E. Jennings and D. Jennings

Disentangling Redshift-Space Distortions and Nonlinear Bias Using the 2D Power Spectrum
E. Jennings, R.H. Wechsler, S.W. Skillman, and M.S. Warren

Radiative Return Capabilities of a High-Energy, High-Luminosity e+e- Collider
M. Karliner, M. Low, J.L. Rosner, and L.-T. Wang

The Difference Imaging Pipeline for the Transient Search in the Dark Energy Survey
R. Kessler et al.

Identifying Peer Change Agents on a Large Social Network
A.S. Khanna, S.D. Jacobs, S. Michaels, B. Skaathun, E. Morgan, L.E. Young, and J.A. Schneider 

Preexposure Prophylaxis Awareness and Use in a Population-Based Sample of Young Black Men Who Have Sex With Men
A.S. Khanna, S. Michaels, B. Skaathun, E. Morgan, K. Green, L. Young, and J.A. Schneider

Stratigraphy of Aeolis Dorsa, Mars: Stratigraphic Context of the Great River Deposits
E.S. Kite, A.D. Howard, A.S. Lucas, J.C. Armstrong, O. Aharonson, and M.P. Lamb 

How Superfluid Vortex Knots Untie
D. Kleckner, L.H. Kauffman, and W. Irvine

Deciphering Thermal Phase Curves of Dry, Tidally Locked Terrestrial Planets
D.D. Koll and D.S. Abbot

Effects of Diurnal Variation of Gut Microbes and High-Fat Feeding on Host Circadian Clock Function and Metabolism
V. Leone et al.

A Molecular View of DNA-Conjugated Nanoparticle Association Energies
J.P. Lequieu, D.M. Hinckley, and J.J. de Pablo

Separate Universe Consistency Relation and Calibration of Halo Bias
Y. Li, W. Hu, and M. Takada

Column Density Profiles of Multi-Phase Gaseous Halos
C.J. Liang, A.V. Kravtsov, and O. Agertz

Metabolic Potential of Fatty Acid Oxidation and Anaerobic Respiration by Abundant Members of Thaumarchaeota and Thermoplasmata in Deep Anoxic Peat
X. Lin, K.M. Handley, J.A. Gilbert, and J.E. Kostka 

Known Radio Pulsars Do Not Contribute to the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
T. Linden

Mesoscale Study of Proton Transport in Proton Exchange Membranes: Role of Morphology
S. Liu, J. Savage, and G.A. Voth

Homeotropic Nano-particle Assembly on Degenerate Planar Nematic Interfaces: Films and Droplets
A. Londono-Hurtado, J.C. Armas-Perez, J.P. Hernandez-Ortiz, and J.J. de Pablo

Post-regularization Inference for Dynamic Nonparanormal Graphical Models
J. Lu, M. Kolar, and H. Liu

Orientational Anisotropy in Simulated Vapor-Deposited Molecular Glasses
I. Lyubimov, L. Antony, D.M. Walters, D. Rodney, M.D. Ediger, and J.J. de Pablo

Blue-phase Liquid Crystal Droplets
J.A. Martinez-Gonzalez, Y. Zhou, M. Rahimi, E. Bukusoglu, N.L. Abbott, and J.J. de Pablo

Classification of Magnetized Star-Planet Interactions: Bow Shocks, Tails, and Inspiraling Flows
T. Matsakos, A. Uribe, and A. Konigl

Polarization Predictions for Inflationary CMB Power Spectrum Features
V. Miranda, W. Hu, and C. Dvorkin

The Splashback Radius as a Physical Halo Boundary and the Growth of Halo Mass
S. More, B. Diemer, and A.V. Kravtsov

Predictive Information in a Sensory Population
S.E. Palmer, O. Marre, M.J. Berry, and W. Bialek

Hydrated Excess Protons Can Create Their Own Water Wires
Y. Peng, J.M.J. Swanson, S.-G. Kang, R. Zhou, and G.A. Voth

Chirality-selected Phase Behaviour in Ionic Polypeptide Complexes
S.L. Perry et al.

Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of a Bifunctional Chelator with Ultrahigh Capacity for Uranium Uptake from Seawater Simulant
M. Piechowicz, C.W. Abney, X. Zhou, N.C. Thacker, Z. Li, and W. Lin

FUV Variability of HD 189733. Is the Star Accreting Material from its Hot Jupiter?
I. Pillitteri, A. Maggio, G. Micela, S. Sciortino, S. Wolk, and T. Matsakos

Nanoparticle Self-assembly at the Interface of Liquid Crystal Droplets
M. Rahimi, T.F. Roberts, J.C. Armas-Perez, X. Wang, E. Bukusoglu, N.L. Abbott, and J.J. de Pablo

Supercal: Cross-Calibration of Multiple Photometric Systems to Improve Cosmological Measurements with Type Ia Supernovae
D. Scolnic et al.

Decoding Thalamic Afferent Input Using Microcircuit Spiking Activity
A.J. Sederberg, S.E. Palmer, and J.N. MacLean

Distributed Multinomial Regression
M. Taddy

Document Classification by Inversion of Distributed Language Representations
M. Taddy

Bayesian and Empirical Bayesian Forests    
M. Taddy, C.S. Chen, J. Yun

Global Production with Export Platforms
F. Tintelnot

Propensity of Hydrated Excess Protons and Hydroxide Anions for the Air-Water Interface  
Y.-L.S. Tse, C. Chen, G.E. Lindberg, R. Kumar, and G.A. Voth

An Analysis of Hydrated Proton Diffusion in Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
Y.L. Tse, C. Knight, and G.A. Voth

Type I Planet Migration in a Magnetized Disk. I. Effect of Large-scale Vertical and Azimuthal Field Components
A. Uribe, A. Bans, and A. Konigl

A New Technique for Detection of PeV Neutrinos Using a Phased Radio Array
A. Vieregg, K. Bechtol, and A. Romero-Wolf

Predicting the Sensitivity of Multiscale Coarse-Grained Models to their Underlying Fine-Grained Model Parameters
J.W. Wagner, J.F. Dama, and G.A. Voth

Designing Free Energy Surfaces That Match Experimental Data with Metadynamics
A.D. White, J.F. Dama, and G.A. Voth

Sculpting Bespoke Mountains: Determining Free Energies with Basis Expansions
J.K. Whitmer, A.M. Fluitt, L. Antony, J. Qin, M. McGovern, and J.J. de Pablo

Fin Ray Sensation Participates in the Generation of Normal Fin Movement in the Hovering Behavior of the Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus)
R. Williams and M.E. Hale

Intergenerational Continuity of Cell Shape Dynamics in Caulobacter crescentus
C.S. Wright, S. Banerjee, S. Iyer-Biswas, S. Crosson, A.R. Dinner, and N.F. Scherer

Extreme Data Compression for the CMB
A. Zablocki and S. Dodelson

The Soil Microbiome Influences Grapevine-Associated Microbiota
I. Zarraonaindia et al.

CosmoSIS: Modular Cosmological Parameter Estimation
J. Zuntz, M. Paterno, E. Jennings, D. Rudd, A. Manzotti, S. Dodelson, S. Bridle, S. Sehrish, and J.  Kowalkowski



Hydrated Excess Protons Can Create Their Own Water Wires
Yuxing Peng, Jessica M. J. Swanson, Seung-gu Kang, Ruhong Zhou, Gregory A. Voth

Dependence of the Outer Density Profiles of Halos on Their Mass Accretion Rate
Benedikt Diemer and Andrey V. Kravtsov

Dynamic Spatiotemporal Brain Analyses Using High Performance Electrical Neuroimaging: Theoretical Framework and Validation
Stephanie Cacioppo, Robin M. Weiss, Hakizumwami Birali Runesha, and John T. Cacioppo 

Proton Transport Under External Applied Voltage
Zhen Cao, Revati Kumar, Yuxing Peng, Gregory A. Voth

Neutrinos Help Reconcile Planck Measurements with Both the Early and Local Universe
Cora Dvorkin, Mark Wyman, Douglas H. Rudd, and Wayne Hu

Measuring Liquid Crystal Elastic Constants with Free Energy Perturbations
Abhijeet A. Joshi, Jonathan K. Whitmer, Orlando Guzmán, Nicholas L. Abbott, and Juan J. de Pablo

Interactions of Protein Kinase C-α C1A and C1B Domains with Membranes: A Combined Computational and Experimental Study
Jianing Li, Brian P. Ziemba, Joseph J. Falke, Gregory A. Voth

Strong Dependence of the Inner Edge of the Habitable Zone on Planetary Rotation Rate
Author: Jun Yang, Gwenaël Boué, Daniel C. Fabrycky, and Dorian S. Abbot

Chloride Enhances Fluoride Mobility in Anion Exchange Membrane/Polycationic Systems
Ying-Lung Steve Tse, Himanshu N. Sarode, Gerrick E. Lindberg, Thomas A. Witten, Yuan Yang, Andrew M. Herring, Gregory A. Voth

Graph Estimation from Multi-Attribute Data
Mladen Kolar, Han Liu, and Eric P. Xing

Unraveling the Mystery of ATP Hydrolysis in Actin Filaments
Martin McCullagh, Marissa G. Saunders, Gregory A. Voth

Longitudinal Analysis of Microbial Interaction Between Humans and the Indoor Environment
Simon Lax, Daniel P. Smith, Jarrad Hampton-Marcell, Sarah M. Owens, Kim M. Handley, Nicole M. Scott, Sean M. Gibbons, Peter Larsen, Benjamin D. Shogan, Sophie Weiss, Jessica L. Metcalf, Luke K. Ursell, Yoshiki Vázquez-Baeza, Will Van Treuren, Nur A. Hasan, Molly K. Gibson, Rita Colwell, Gautam Dantas, Rob Knight, and Jack A. Gilbert

Super-Sample Covariance in Simulations
Yin Li, Wayne Hu, and Masahiro Takada

Multiscale Simulation Reveals a Multifaceted Mechanism of Proton Permeation through the Influenza A M2 Proton Channel
Ruibin Liang, Hui Li,  Jessica M. J. Swanson, and Gregory A. Voth

Inflationary Steps in the Planck Data
Vinícius Miranda and Wayne Hu

Cosmological Parameter Uncertainties from SALT-II Type Ia Supernova Light Curve Models
J. Mosher, J. Guy, R. Kessler, P. Astier, J. Marriner, M. Betoule, M. Sako, P. El-Hage, R. Biswas, R. Pain, S. Kuhlmann, N. Regnault, J. A. Frieman, D. P. Schneider

Cosmic Reionization on Computers. I. Design and Calibration of Simulations
Nickolay Y. Gnedin

Cosmic Reionization on Computers. II. Reionization History and Its Back-reaction on Early Galaxies
Nickolay Y. Gnedin and Alexander A. Kaurov

Neutrinos Help Reconcile Planck Measurements with the Local Universe
Mark Wyman, Douglas H. Rudd, R. Ali Vanderveld, and Wayne Hu

Strong Dependence of the Inner Edge of the Habitable Zone on Planetary Rotation Rate
Jun Yang, Gwenaël Boué, Daniel C. Fabrycky, and  Dorian S. Abbot


Weak Lensing Simulations for Large-Area Sky Surveys and Second-Order Effects in Cosmic Shear Power Spectra
Matthew R. Becker

A Quantitative Meta-Analysis of Functional Imaging Studies of Social Rejection
Stephanie Cacioppo, Chris Frum, Erik Asp, Robin M. Weiss, James W. Lewis, and John T. Cacioppo

On the Evolution of Cluster Scaling Relations
Benedikt Diemer, Andrey V. Kravtsov, and Surhud More

Constraints and Potentials of Future Irrigation Water Availability on Agricultural Production under Climate Change
Joshua Elliott, Delphine Deryng, Christoph Müller, Katja Frieler, Markus Konzmann, Dieter Gerten, Michael Glotter, Martina Flörke, Yoshihide Wada, and Neil Best

Predicting Agricultural Impacts of Large-Scale Drought: 2012 and the Case for Better Modeling
Joshua Elliott, Michael Glotter, Neil Best, Ken Boote, Jim Jones, Jerry Hatfield, Cynthia Rosenzweig, Leonard A, Smith, and Ian Foster

Massively Parallel Approximate Gaussian Process Regression
Robert B. Gramacy, Jarad Niemi, and Robin Weiss

The Abundance of Voids and the Excursion Set Formalism
Elise Jennings, Yin Li, and Wayne Hu

The AGORA High-Resolution Galaxy Simulations Comparison Project
Ji-hoon Kim, Tom Abel, Oscar Agertz, Greg L. Bryan, Daniel Ceverino, Charlotte Christensen, Charlie Conroy, Avishai Dekel, Nickolay Y. Gnedin, and Nathan J. Goldbaum

Multi-state Approach to Chemical Reactivity in Fragment Based Quantum Chemistry Calculations
Adrian W. Lange and Gregory A. Voth

Precipitation in a Surface-Energy Budget Context in Transient and Equilibrium Climates
Shanshan Sun and Elisabeth Moyer

Dynamical Simulations of Coarse Grain Polymeric Systems: Rouse and Entangled Dynamics
Abelardo Ramírez-Hernández, François A. Detcheverry, Brandon L. Peters, Verónica C. Chappa, Kenneth S. Schweizer, Marcus Müller, and Juan J. de Pablo

Autoinhibition of Endophilin in Solution via Interdomain Interactions
Francisco X. Vázquez, Vinzenz M. Unger, and Gregory A. Voth

Nematic-Field-Driven Positioning of Particles in Liquid Crystal Droplets
Jonathan K. Whitmer, Xiaoguang Wang, Frederic Mondiot, Daniel S. Miller, Nicholas L. Abbott, and Juan J. de Pablo

Simulations of Galileon Modified Gravity: Clustering Statistics in Real and Redshift Space
Mark Wyman, Elise Jennings, and Marcos Lima

Measuring Intentional Manipulation: A Structural Approach
Anastasia Zakolyukina