Message Passing Interface (MPI)

For more information on how to run MPI jobs on Midway see MPI jobs

RCC supports the following MPI implementations:

  • IntelMPI
  • OpenMPI

Each MPI implementation usually has a module available for use with GCC, the Intel Compiler Suite, and PGI. Please see high performance computing for the list of available MPI modules.

MPI Implementation Notes

The different MPI implementations have different options and features. Any notable differences are noted here.


IntelMPI uses an environment variable to affect the network communication fabric it uses:


During job launch the Slurm TaskProlog detects the network hardware and sets this variable approately. This will typically be set to shm:ofa, which makes IntelMPI use shared memory communication followed by ibverbs. If a job is run on a node without Infiniband this will be set to shm which uses shared memory only and limits IntelMPI to a single node job. This is usually what is wanted on nodes without a high speed interconnect. This variable can be overridden if desired in the submission script.


MVAPICH2 is compiled with the OFA-IB-CH3 interface. There is no support for running programs compiled with MVAPICH2 on loosely coupled nodes.

GPUDirect builds of MVAPICH2 with CUDA enabled are available for use on the GPU nodes. These builds are otherwise identical to the standard MVAPICH2 build.


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